Product details for Sanicubic 2 Classic

Possible connections

  • Toilet
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Sink
  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Washing Machine (indirect connection)
  • Dishwasher
  • Bidet
  • Glass washer
Vertical and horizontal discharges: 11 m 110 m

With SFA's Sanicubic®, these lifting stations are not submersible anymore. You put them on the ground and let it do its work!

Sanicubic 2® Classic is a domestic lifting station with a state of the art macerator ideal to evacuate waste water of of a small building or businesses. Its dual motor allows it to be used for commercial premises as well.

It is specially conceived for individual houses or small commercial leases for the evacuation of black and grey water from several WC's, bathrooms, kitchen or laundry room.

Sanicubic 2® Classic  has a reiforced protection index at IP68 with a mounted control panel. It is also equipped with an external control box and wired audible alarm.

Removable motors and level sensors for easier maintenance.

Enhanced waterproofing performance IP68.


Electrical Supply (V) 220-240 / 50
Min. Gravity Fall on Horizontal Run 3
Max. Amperage (A) 40/50/100/110
Horsepower 45
Motor Speed (RPM) 2800
Discharge Pipe Diameter (mm) 50
Vertical Discharge (m) 11
Horizontal Discharge (m) 110
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 597 x 515 x 440
Maximum Temperature (°C) 70

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